EVENTS: History & Heritage

Apr 7

Blacksmith Open Forge

NWOH Blacksmihs annual demonstation

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Apr 12

Tea Series - Trivial Pursuits & Party Games of the 1920's

Party planning as a young person in Wood County during the 1920's

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Apr 26

Reading Tea Leaves

with Becky White-Schooner of Schooner Farms

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Apr 30

Celebrate El Día de los Niños @ WCDPLE

Celebrate "El Día de los Niños/ El Día de los Libros"

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May 5

Log Cabin Spring Renewal

Help costumed interpreters with pre-sumer preparations in the Log Cabin

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May 10

Tea Series - The "Real" Return to Normalcy after WWI

During the 1920's, President Warren G. Harding was asked to pave the way from wartime to peacetime.

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Jun 2

Boomtown Walking Tour

with Local History Librarian Marnie Pratt & Wood County Museum's Kelli Kling

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Jun 2

Demonstration Days: Power of Yesteryear Tractor Show

Tractor display and farm-themed demonstrations

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Jun 14

Tea Series - The Birth of Popular Music after WWI

Advances in technology after WWI brought about big changes in music.

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Jun 16

Heritage Farm Fest

Free 1930s Cultural Fun on the Farm

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Jun 23

Demonstration Days: Amateur Radio Club 24-hour Field Day

Meet & interact with "ham" radio operators at a special Demo Day.

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Jul 12

Tea Series - The Golden Age of Radio

What began as a service medium during WWI, radio quickly transformed into a leisure activity.

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Aug 9

Tea Series - Advertising and Cigarette Culture after WWI

The 1920's saw the emergence of cigarette culture as a leisure activity.

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Sep 13

Tea Series - The Culture of Driving during the 1920's

The post-war era gave us more free time and more places to go.

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