EVENTS: Educational

Jun 27

BG Toastmasters Club

Bowling Green Toastmasters meets at 6:30 PM on Wednesday evenings. Guests are welcome! Join us at the United Way in Wood County office, 111 South Main St. in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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Jun 21

Northwest Ohio Ag-Business Breakfast Forum

Matt Liskai, co-owner, Green Field Ag, will discuss how farmers are changing the way they manage crops through precision agriculture,

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Jun 22

A Visit from the Toledo Zoo: Animals Rock!

Roar, Hiss, and Ribbit with the Toledo Zoo

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Jun 23

Demonstration Days: Amateur Radio Club 24-hour Field Day

Meet & interact with "ham" radio operators at a special Demo Day.

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Jun 30

Lavender Fest/Open House

Lavender Loving!

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Aug 9

Intro to eBay

with Marnie Pratt

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Aug 9

Tea Series - Advertising and Cigarette Culture after WWI

The 1920's saw the emergence of cigarette culture as a leisure activity.

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Sep 13

Tea Series - The Culture of Driving during the 1920's

The post-war era gave us more free time and more places to go.

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Sep 15

Wood County Ag-Venture

The Wood Soil & Water Conservation District is excited to announce a new event for 2018

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Sep 29

Take Flight with STEM

Wood County Air Fair/STEM in the Park presented by NWO at BGSU and Friends of Wood County Regional Airport

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Oct 11

Tea Series - Popular Theater During the Interwar Years

The Show Must (and did!) go on after WWI

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Nov 8

Tea Series - The Art of Contract Bridge

Bridge was one of the most popular card games of the 1920's and 1930's.

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Dec 6

Tea Series - The Pleasures of the Journey

Passenger ships sail the Great Lakes during the 20's and 30's

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Dec 13

Tea Series - Fashions of the 1920's and 1930's

"Coco" to "Deco" - how the Roaring 20's influenced women's fashion, and what happened when the party ended.

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